Injectable, biodegradable microspheres form a successful system for parenteral drug delivery.


Relying on micro-encapsulation process technologies developed in-house and through technology partnerships, InnoCore is capable of producing injectable microsphere formulations with controlled particle size (typically 20-50 micron) that are suitable for sustained release of active components from a few weeks up to over 6 months. The InnoCore micro-encapsulation processes have proven their success with a variety of pharmaceutical compounds, such as antibiotic drugs, hormones, antibodies and peptides like LHRH-agonists.

As to create next generation drug delivery microsphere products with competitive features and improved patient compliance, InnoCore has established strategic R&D collaborations focused on micro-encapsulation process technology for the manufacturing of monodisperse microspheres, microspheres with improved protein stability and continuous manufacturing processes to replace the commercially less viable batch-wise micro-encapsulation processes.


InnoCore’s capabilities in development and manufacturing of microsphere formulations include:


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