SynBiosys® is a sustained release technology for systemic and site-specific parenteral drug delivery. The technology uses several monomers to form a biodegradable polymer matrix in which APIs can be entrapped. When brought in an aqueous environment, the polymers swell and gradually release the APIs by diffusion. Release time can be regulated from days up to several months.


The SynBiosys® polymers are composed of DL-lactide, glycolide, ε-caprolactone and polyethyleneglycol - biologically safe monomers - that have been approved for human applications and are already used in numerous marketed biomedical implants and pharmaceutical sustained release formulations.


How does it work?

The SynBiosys® building blocks are applied in completely new multi-block polymeric architectures that offer endless possibilities for fine tuning of properties. Every ‘block' is pre-made to fit a desired composition, after which the blocks are combined into one polymer. As such, SynBiosys® ensures optimal flexibility as well as control over the physico-chemical and degradation characteristics.

One SynBiosys®’ key feature is that it allows sustained release of structurally intact proteins and antibodies. This feature is attributed to the use of poly(ethylene glycol)-based building blocks due to which a hydrophilic micro-environment is formed and in which acidic degradation products do not accumulate. A near neutral pH is maintained in the polymer matrix. This is a considerable benefit compared to PLGA-based systems which are known to suffer from extensive pH reductions in the polymer matrix and extensive loss of activity of encapsulated proteins and antibodies.

The versatility of SynBiosys® polymers ensures formulations that are specifically geared towards the needs of our customers.


Administration forms

SynBiosys®’ flexibility allows for multiple administration forms covering local as well as systemic drug delivery. The polymers are compatible with state-of-the-art depot formulation technologies, like microspheres, microrods, nanoparticles and in-situ forming implants. The technology is also suitable for implants, fleece’s and for spray coating of implants, like coronary stents and other vascular devices.


Compounds and indications

SynBiosys® is suitable for a variety of compounds, such as small molecules, peptides and especially proteins. The technology can be tailored to the compounds’ requirements by carefully composing the ratio of the different monomers.

SynBiosys® is currently used for products in the field of e.g. Diabetes, Ophthalmology, CNS, Oncology, Cardiovascular Diseases and Infectious Diseases.


Key features and benefits:


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