Each new project starts with a feasibility study in which we apply our scientific and technological knowledge and skills to demonstrate that the drug is compatible with InnoCore’s proprietary drug delivery technologies. For the evaluation and analysis of the potential of a project we make use of our broad analytical toolkit and versatile portfolio of proprietary polymers and by adding value to our customers through collaborative innovation.

Lead candidates are further developed by optimizing the formulation and process for which a specific polymer is designed and synthesized. The optimized product is supplied at a  R&D quality level up to 10 g for in vivo testing in animals to investigate the pharmacokinetics and/or pharmacodynamics of the controlled release product. The animal trial material is characterized by InnoCore using verified analytical methods that were developed during formulation development.

InnoCore’s infrastructure enables support of partners not only during the first feasibility phase, but also during all subsequent product development phases, all the way up to manufacturing and supply of animal trial and clinical trial (GMP) batches, and technology transfer if required. Regulatory support and quality assurance form an integral part of the product development services.


Benefits of partnering with InnoCore

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