InnoCore’s injectable bioresorbable solid implants find application as drug delivery depots in various chronic disease areas, such as ophthalmology, oncology and central nervous system (CNS). They can be used for local as well as for systemic drug delivery of small molecules, peptides and proteins for up to 6 months. InnoCore has the disposal of advanced (micro)extrusion technologies allowing effective implant formulation development of the customers active compound with bioresorbable polymers.


The ability to extrude bioresorbable polymers at relatively low temperatures enables InnoCore to add a valuable depot formulation technology to its drug delivery portfolio. These low temperatures are a key to maintain drug integrity and prevent the formation of degradation products, especially when proteins and antibodies are involved.


The use of injectable solid implants based bioresorbable polymers opens opportunities for optimized product performance and life cycle management of generic drugs and therefore adds significant value. Newly developed pharmaceutical actives formulated into a solid injectable controlled release mini-rod can benefit from the versatile  chemistry of the technology as well through optimized control over release kinetics and minimization of side effects.


InnoCore’s capabilities in development and manufacturing of implants include:


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