InnoCore’s drug-eluting coatings can be applied on a broad variety of biomedical implant devices for the controlled and local delivery of various types of drug molecules. Typical applications include coronary stents and other vascular devices, orthopedic prostheses and urinary implants.


InnoCore’s technology combines all the necessary characteristics for application as a cutting-edge drug eluting stent (DES) coating. Due to its elastomeric character, uniform coating of the stent struts is guaranteed. Furthermore, the elastomeric nature of the coating allows crimping and balloon expansion of the stent without affecting the integrity of the coating. The physico-chemical, degradation and release properties of the coating can be easily customized to fit all kinds of anti-restenotic drug molecules by varying the molecular composition of the polymers. The coating can be applied to different types of metal stents as well as to fully biodegradable stents.


InnoCore’s capabilities in development and manufacturing of coatings include:


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