Drug depot products are formed using water-borne, bio absorbable polymers, which can simply be mixed with drug compounds or other therapeutic actives (hydrogel). Upon injection into soft tissues, the polymers rapidly form a soft, macroscopic depot, which physically entraps the actives. The gel depots safely disappear by eroding mechanism at the same rate as the release of the drugs. The water-free gels, so-called LiQuidPolymer™, are ideal for sustained release of APIs that are not stable in aqueous solutions or that diffuse too fast through hydrogels.


Thin needles and catheters can deliver the low viscous liquids in many different locations such as eyes, brain, joints, muscles and in other organs. Depot formation is instantaneous, while slow release of the drugs coincides with the progressing outside-in dissolution (erosion) of the depot.


The release rate can be tuned to specific therapeutic applications by adjusting the molecular structure of the polymers used. The polymers are all based on well-known and safe-to-use building blocks for application in humans and animals. No organic solvents are used during the preparation of formulations and are therefore not present in the final product, simplifying registration, allowing combinations with sensitive biologicals, and overall greatly de-risking product development. 


InnoCore’s capabilities in development and manufacturing of drug delivery gels include:


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