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Proteins, especially (monoclonal) antibodies, play an increasingly important role in today's pharmaceutical arena. A crucial aspect is to deliver the proteins at the desired site structurally intact and at therapeutic effective levels. Local or site-specific delivery is often a prerequisite to achieve optimal therapeutic benefit.


Proteins, especially (monoclonal) antibodies, play an increasingly important role in today's pharmaceutical arena.

SynBiosys® is InnoCore’s platform to deliver proteins in a controlled manner for weeks up to over 6 months while maintaining the structural integrity and activity. Proteins are typically formulated using buffered aqueous solutions. However, protein solutions may be unstable and not suitable for further processing into advanced dosage forms. InnoCore collaborates with the University of Groningen on stable dry powder forms of therapeutic proteins through lyophilization and spray-drying of proteins in amorphous sugar matrices.



The top ten benefits of our sustained release technologies for proteins:

  1. Several formulation possibilities, including microspheres, coatings and implants
  2. No accumulation of acidic degradation products, allowing proteins to remain structurally intact
  3. High encapsulation efficiency (in average higher than 80%)
  4. High loadings compared to other formulations (approximately 15-20%)
  5. Release in a controlled manner by diffusion which can be tuned by variation of the SynBiosys building blocks ratio resulting in limited or no burst
  6. Hydrophilic PEG provides improved protein interaction and prevents direct protein-polymer interaction
  7. Protection from high shear forces during processing
  8. Protection from increased temperature (during processing and storage)
  9. Protection by the matrix from environmental influences, like proteases
  10. Optimal control over the physico-chemical and degradation characteristics: for our biodegradable polymers, a rule of thumb for 1-month sustained delivery formulation, the polymers will be cleared in not more than two months.


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