Our Solutions

InnoCore develops and manufactures drug delivery products that allow sustained release of a wide range of compounds, including proteins, peptides and small molecules. The administration forms cover microspheres, implants, gels, coatings and nanoparticles. InnoCore takes products from early phase development into the clinic, as an extension of your R&D lab, by providing formulation development,  process development, optimization and upscaling.


Mic r osphe r es In d e v elopment In d e v elopment Small molecules P eptides P r o t eins Other Implants C o ating Gels Nano p articles Con t act us t o discuss the possibilities Our solution: InGell® Our solution: SynBi o sys®




Our solutions are applied for variety of therapeutic areas such as Cardiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Osteoarthritis, Urology, Pain,  Diabetes, CNS, Infectious diseases and Immunology.

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