Groningen, 30th November 2017. With the development of long-term active medicines, InnoCore Pharmaceuticals has won the Groningen Entrepreneurial Award 2017. 


The jury report is full of praise for InnoCore team. The Groningen-based company is capable of formulating small molecules, peptides and proteins in a polymer based matrix obtaining a sustained delivery platform. Upon injection, the polymer slowly dissolves, releasing the drug in a metered state and maintaining its effect longer, resulting in fewer side effects, but also  lower costs by reducing the frequency of injections.


The jury points out that InnoCore focuses on both clients and patients. In addition, the innovative development process, the pioneering patents that provide InnoCore with a strong global position, the attention for top talent, employment for highly educated people and the fact that InnoCore has selected Groningen as the residence to serve the world market .


An interview with winner acknowledged the strength of InnoCore….


Why is InnoCore a justified winner?

'Because we know how to use incredibly complicated technology for something very useful, namely better medicines in the future. That appeals. We do it with very highly qualified young people, very internationally. The jury certainly appreciated that. We attract a lot of international talent to the city and we also hold talent here. This is how we stop the brain drain from Groningen. That appeals to people. '


The word international falls regularly. Your nearest customer is more than six hundred kilometers from Groningen. Is not the city too small for you?

"That distance is not important when you deliver something that someone else can’t deliver. We work very intensively with the Academic Medical Hospital Center (UMCG) and the Rijks University Groningen (RUG). It is precisely the smallness, the fun of Groningen that makes this possible. You can’t just reach that joint venture in Oxford or Boston. "


There you also have to deal with more competition.

"Well no, we develop products that no other company currently develops."


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